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There are so many magical experiences to be had at this imaginative place.  It seems that no
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Disney Vacation Planning With Children
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#1. Make sure to rent a stroller   (or bring an easy to carry one from home)
The Walt Disney World Theme Parks are all huge. Little legs will get tired after walking such long distances and tired little ones = unhappy

#2. Prepare for the Weather
If you haven't heard, Florida is notorious for 2 things:  hot weather and afternoon thunderstorms. Make sure to plan ahead. Pack sunscreen,
sunglasses, hats & ponchos for the family. Yes, the warm Florida sun does feel wonderful on your skin, but the sunburn that will most likely
follow will ruin a trip fast. Slather on that sunscreen every morning before your family heads out and make sure to reapply.

When the hottest part of the day rolls around, it may be best to take a break and find a quiet  place to sit in the shade and enjoy some ice
cream. (Make sure to bring plenty of wet wipes!) Or you can find an indoor ride or show that you can cool off on for a little while.  If you are
staying at one of Disney's Resort properties, catch the monorail or bus and head back to the resort for a swim. Then you can go back to the
park and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

If you have really little ones, another nice place to visit when the weather gets too hot is one of Disney's Baby Care Centers.  Each Theme
Park has a Baby Care Center. These are air conditioned buildings where moms(or dads) can feed and change their babies in privacy. They
also offer a little sitting area that has a t.v. and seats for the rest of the family to wait. These Baby Care Centers can be a nice quiet
pick-me-up for a family that needs to cool off.

Thunderstorms can be a little frightening, but really it's the wet shoes and socks that we hate! If your family brings a backpack to the Disney
parks, try to plan ahead and pack a pair of flip flops that you can switch into if it starts to rain. Wet shoes & socks can end a day really quick!

#3. Don't panic if your little one won't see Mickey
You've waited a long time for this moment and finally here it is. Your little one is about to meet Mickey Mouse himself! But, wait...you look
down at your child and notice that he's grabbing your leg. As you try to pry him off, he  begins to cry. You can't believe it. Your child is afraid
of Mickey!!

Don't worry. Children being afraid of the characters is actually more common than you think. Whatever you do, don't get angry with them or
try to force them to see the characters. This will only make things worse for your child and will make for a very uncomfortable scene for
everyone around you.

What you should do is be supportive to your child's feelings. When you see the characters, try and hold your child at a reasonable distance
and let them watch the characters interacting with the other children. Let them warm up to the idea of getting close to this huge creature.
Another good idea is to first let them visit with the other characters that don't have masks on like the Disney princesses, Peter Pan & Aladdin.

#4. Set the pace
The Walt Disney World Theme Parks are huge! If you've never been, it's almost impossible to do/see every little thing that each Disney
theme park offers in one day. Take your time! Enjoy those quiet benches and just soak in your surroundings. You and your family will have a
much happier attitude if you smile and enjoy the magical world around you.

#5 Be familiar with the rides
Before you visit, review the park map that you receive from your Pixie Dust Travel agent and become familiar with where everything is. Get to
know what the ride restrictions are for each ride so that no one will be disappointed when they arrive and find that they aren't tall enough to

Following just a few of these suggestions will help make your family's time at Walt Disney World one filled with
magical memories that will last a lifetime
And yet, in the many times that I've been to the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, there has
been plenty of times that I have seen the burnt out parent trying to stop the all out tantrum
of a hot & tired little one. It's only lunch time and mom & dad are ready to call it quits for the day.
How do you stop this from becoming your family?  Make sure you plan in advance!